How do I know if I qualify for home health care services? If you have had a recent change in your health status, medications or functional ability you may qualify for home health care services. Other changes such as surgery, a recent fall or a new or exacerbated disease process may qualify you for home health services.

Home health services are covered by Medicare and private insurance. Harmony Home Care will be happy to assist you and your physician to evaluate how we can make a difference for you today! Call 405-275-2700 for more information.

Skilled Nursing

The main goal for our skilled nurses is to help prevent you from needing to go to the hospital while improving your quality of life in your home. The services that a skilled nurse can provide vary depending on your needs. The services provided by a skilled nurse can include wound care, education on disease process and medications, assistance with setting  up a medication planner, completing labs that were ordered by your doctor, infusion therapy, a complete head to toe assessment and ongoing communication with your physician. Our skilled nurses will work intimately with you to develop a personalized plan of care that is specific to your needs and goals.

Physical Therapy

There are 3 main goals with physical therapy: Rehabilitation and recovery, improving functional mobility and movement, and future injury prevention. Our physical therapists and their assistants will work with you to restore your normal functional mobility.  Maintaining independence while aging is about more than just being able to do daily tasks around the house. From gardening to playing with grandchildren, our team will work with you to help you get back to doing the things you love.  PT can assist with decreasing pain, promoting healing, and making recommendations for increasing independence though environmental modifications.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists and their assistants work to enhance your ability to perform everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, and cooking. OT can assist with balance and safety concerns, adaptive equipment recommendations, and training as well as identifying and developing strategies for compensatory techniques to manage activities of daily living.

By assessing your home environment and identifying risks that may hinder optimal recovery and ongoing independence, occupational therapists help you stay in your own home more safely.

Speech Therapy

While we usually think of speech therapy as helping someone speak orally, speech therapist assist our patients with a much wider range of issues. Speech-Language Pathologists not only work to help you regain or improve your ability to communicate, but they are also integral in relearning to swallow as well as assisting with restoring your cognitive abilities and identifying compensatory strategies for any memory deficits you may face.

From difficulty speaking and swallowing after a stroke to memory deficits caused by dementia, speech therapists have strategies to help you both improve and manage these and other conditions on your own.

Medical Social Work

Some patients have special circumstances and needs that require special considerations and training to work through. From difficult insurance paperwork issues to patients who have the physical ability to stay at home if they only had a few support measures,  our social workers work to identify personal needs and/or challenges within your support system to improve your quality of living and independence in your home.

Social workers act as community liaisons to identify community-based services available to patients that can help them stay at home safely. These healthcare professionals are adept at maneuvering within the unclear guidelines of the social safety net systems that are so obscure in today’s healthcare environment. Our social workers are able to provide assistance when you need it most and are trained to handle even the most challenging situations.

Home Health Aide

Our home health aides are trained to provide assistance with personal care and light housekeeping tasks. Our home health aides can assist you with safely performing your shower and/or sponge baths, getting in/out of the shower safely, assist with upper and lower body dressing, perform dental hygiene, assist with transferring, light housekeeping such as making and/or changing the sheets on your bed and cleaning up the bathroom after your shower or bath.

Our home health aides will complete a vital signs check and a skin assessment during each visit and will stay in communication with the skilled nurse about any changes or new needs that may arise.


Medicare, Medicare Advantage, BlueCross BlueShield, Most PPO Commercial Payers